Right medicine, right inmate, right on time.

Arkansas owned and operated

We Offer...

  • We only tolerate a 0% error rate
  • Over 275,000 monthly fleet miles
  • 18 regional pharmacies
  • Custom electronic medication administration record (MAR) software
  • Full service to federal, state, county, city and juvenile inmates
  • 19 locations across the state providing same day response to all your pharmacy needs
  • Pharmacists on duty 24/7
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Allcare Correctional Pharmacy Technology

  • Constant Drug Interaction/Allergy Detection
  • 24/7/365 Pharmacist Consultation Access
  • Accurate Medical Record Maintenance
  • Effective Formulary Consultation Support
  • Rapid STAT Medication Request Support
  • Reliable Medication Delivery Services
  • Highest Priority Correctional Customer Service and Responsiveness
  • Proprietary Allcare Correctional software
  • Robotics used for speed and efficiency
  • Track prescriptions with DocuTrack software
AllCare Correctional Pharmacy
624 Clay Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
E-mail: correctional@allcarepharmacy.com