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We Offer...

  • Real-time delivery  tracking
  • Four-wheel drive delivery trucks
  • Studded tires for vehicles during inclement weather
  • Dependable Allcare delivery staff 
  • Give your returns to our drivers

Allcare Correctional Pharmacy Locations

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  • Centralized order receipt into our Allcare system
  • Regional labeling, dispensing, packing and delivery
  • Tie-in to our Allcare Correctional  system at every local Allcare pharmacy, enabling the tracking of every step of the medication order fulfillment lifecycle
  • Identical pharmacy quality control processes

After all orders for specific correctional units are scanned and checked by the pharmacist and placed in the facility delivery totes, the Allcare pharmacist will generate a delivery manifest. An itemized facility delivery manifest cannot be printed until all medications have completed the Allcare “Five Star” Quality Assurance process. 

Each delivery manifest is given a unique barcode that will be scanned by the Allcare delivery staff upon arrival at the facility. This barcode scan assures that the correct delivery bin is delivered to the correct  correctional facility. The Allcare system then transmits the delivery manifest information, along with the barcode information placed on the facility delivery list, to Allcare’s DeliveryTrack system. The DeliveryTrack system also assists Allcare’s delivery staff with information about the delivery route, including directions, delivery deadlines, facility address, and facility phone number. After the meds are checked in by the facility nursing staff, the nurse will sign the electronic hand held DeliveryTrack device and the signature will be transmitted back to the pharmacy’s Docutrack record tracking system in real-time. Allcare has designed this barcode technology throughout the medication ordering and delivery process to ensure that the right medication is delivered to the right inmate at the right place and right on time.

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