Right medicine, right inmate, right on time.

Arkansas owned and operated

We Offer...

  • Pharmacists on duty 24/7.
  • Over 275,000 monthly fleet miles.
  • 18 regional pharmacies.
  • Custom electronic medication administration record (MAR) software.
  • Full service to federal, state, county, city and juvenile inmates.
  • 19 locations across the state providing same day response to all your pharmacy needs.
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With 40 years of institutional pharmacy experience, Allcare Correctional Pharmacy understands the unique needs that correctional facilities have when it comes to managing their inmates' medications. With pharmacists on duty 24/7, Allcare Correctional is strategically positioned to provide prompt and neighborly response.

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Toll Free: 888-212-6100
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Emergency: 877-420-9400

Same Day Delivery
  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • 132+ Vehicle Fleet
  • Pharmacists available 24/7
AllCare Correctional Pharmacy
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