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  • One-stop shop solution
  • Reduced per-inmate/offender-per-month expense
  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • Integration

Allcare Correctional Pharmacy Services

Allcare Correctional Pharmacy Services

Allcare currently employs 384 Arkansas-based employees including:

  • Only 0% error rate is accepted.
  • Twenty-eight management and support staff based at our Arkadelphia, Arkansas corporate headquarters.
  • Sixty-one pharmacists, technicians, and support staff working in our Arkadelphia-based Pharmacy Processing Center, that currently processes more than 1.6-million prescriptions annually for institutional customers.
  • One hundred ten fleet management and delivery drivers who manage and drive Allcare’s 132-vehicle delivery fleet dedicated to supporting our statewide Arkansas customer base.
  • One hundred eighty-five staff throughout the remainder of Arkansas.
  • TB Testing Supplies
  • Emergency Deliveries
  • Collaborative practice agreement available for your medical provider

Allcare Correctional Pharmacy Facts

  • Allcare: 384 employees in 19 Arkansas pharmacies
  • Experience: As a subcontractor for Arkansas Department of Corrections and Community Corrections, we filled more than five million prescriptions
  • Arkansas Jobs
  • Formulary Compliance: Allcare offers an innovative formulary management approach
  • Regulatory/Standards Compliance: We are fully compliant with all state and federal laws concerning pharmacy operations, licensing, and privacy requirements
  • Automation: Allcare successfully designed and implemented the Allcare Correctional Pharmacy Information System (Allcare system) that improves medication dispensing efficiency and accuracy. The backbone of the Allcare system is the use of automation and technology to achieve our goal of 100% medication dispensing accuracy. The combination of our automation and our experienced pharmacy staff assures accurate ordering, quality controlled dispensing, and timely delivery of all medications
  • Integration: Allcare owns the “Allcare system,” giving us the flexibility to quickly change our pharmacy software to meet the changing needs of our clients
  • Delivery Reliability: Allcare has 19 pharmacies located throughout the state that are supported by dedicated delivery staff. This support infrastructure ensures our ability to provide same day medication delivery from an Allcare pharmacy location
  • Accessibility: We have a staff pharmacist available to respond to any Correctional facility’s requirements 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Allcare’s collaborative practice agreement will lead to a healthier inmate population

It should be noted that, despite the national economic slowdown experienced during the last five years, Allcare has continued to grow from 257 Arkansas-based employees five years ago to our current 384 Arkansas-based employees (an annual average of 9.9% growth in new Arkansas jobs).

Allcare Correctional Pharmacy is an Arkansas-based pharmacy, and all Allcare pharmacists are licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy. Allcare Correctional pharmacists dispense medications only on the order of a licensed physician, or other caregiver approved by law, to prescribe medication. Allcare pharmacists dispense medications in blister cards, or similar unit-dosing packaging systems, compliant with both State of Arkansas and federal law and regulations regarding the handling, accountability for and dispensing of drugs.

Allcare Correctional Pharmacy has developed a number of innovative formulary management programs, such as our exclusive Collaborative Practice Agreements, which enable our clinical pharmacists to therapeutically substitute medications. We automatically make generic substitutions. We also identify potential over-utilization by analyzing therapeutic categories of inmate and practitioner utilization. The Allcare system electronically handles non-formulary requests, to more efficiently ensure formulary compliance.

Allcare pharmacy is open around the clock, 365 days a year. A pharmacist is on duty at all times. In the event of an emergency, all the medical services contractor’s medical staff needs to do is call our contact number. The benefit to our correctional customers is that Allcare is capable of promptly responding within Arkansas to emergencies, STAT orders, and issues that require the pharmacy’s attention. We do not need to rely on external local pharmacies for dispensing and delivering urgent STAT orders.

AllCare Correctional Pharmacy
624 Clay Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
E-mail: correctional@allcarepharmacy.com